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Gratitude and Generosity — Are You Part of the Sacred Reciprocity?

I used to go to yoga every Sunday. I grew up with a tradition of going to church on Sunday, so I called my Sunday practice yoga church.

I started a practice of Sacred Sunday meditation (there are more than two years worth) when Covid shut down my yoga church practice. Now I offer shamanic SacredSunday; and the shaman goes out into nature to connect with the divine. I offer this practice to myself and to you to connect to your soul and to remember who you are. It’s a way to find your center. We each follow different pathways to our center, and two I use often are love and breath.

What happens when you pay attention to your breath?

Breath is one of the fastest ways to connect to someone. Slowing and deepening your breath in someone else’s presence can help you and them calm, settle, center, connect. When you breathe together, we find access to the cosmos.

Breath can be a pathway or a doorway. Try it today to default to generosity and express gratitude.

Be Part of the Give and Take

Are you open to generosity? Think about the earth, so abundant and generous with us. She gives us food and shelter without question. The trees give us the air we breathe. Step into the shoes of gratitude. As you do, feel yourself be filled with the mirth of possibility. Be open to the space where anything is possible. What shows up for you when you do wiggle your feet into shoes that are filled with gratitude?

Generosity and gratitude are deeply connected. Try breathing in generosity and exhaling gratitude. In Andean mysticism, we call this ayni, right relationship or sacred reciprocity. Just as your breath flows in and out as a receiving and giving, gratitude and generosity can flow in and out.

It is a true give and take, a back and forth — when we let it be. Sometimes we give and give and give, and we don't remember to open to receive. The universe wants to offer back to us in reciprocity. Are you willing to receive? Can you breathe into receiving, accept generosity even as you give it?

Breath and meditation can bring clarity. You can rediscover and remember the holy temple of who you are and what your frequency is. Where we put our attention and the frequency we choose is mirrored back to us, reflecting back the quality of our love and generosity. How we show up in the world and what we manifest is the surface of the mirror.

Your gratitude and generosity manifests the world you live and breathe in.

Try this Default to Gratitude meditation and if you want to keep connecting with love, try my free heart-focused journey meditation.

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