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Find Delight Today — Let the Light In and Plant a Seed of Kindness

Where do you find delight? Do you find it on the side of a mountain, or by a lazy river, or by the crashing waves on the shore? Do you find it listening to birdsong in the sunlight, or owl song under the moon?

Have you ever thought about the word delight and its relationship to light? Delight means taking pleasure from, and it also means “of the light.” Let’s explore delight today in both forms.

Today is about letting light in.

Do you ever delight in the sunlight? We are so programmed to be afraid of the sun. To cover up, to stay in. What if we allow a download of our local star to inform us today? What if we let light in and attend to the delight and the holy with our practice?


Plant a Seed of Kindness

Light is essential for life. Light nourishes our body. It feeds the trees and other plants around us. How can we channel light to nourish ourselves and the world?

Mary Oliver said, “all kindness begins with the sown seed.” Let’s sow a seed of kindness today. Let’s sow kindness and compassion in our own hearts.

Start by checking in with your body. Where is there a little darkness that you could bring light into? Sow your seed there into the darkness to bring kindness, compassion, and light into yourself.

If you garden, you know seeds need water and light. We prepare the soil, dig a hole and wet the soil before we plant the seed. We gently cover it and water some more. And even though the seed is in the dark, it knows there light is there. When the seedling emerges, it turns toward the light.

So today, think about where you planted that seed of kindness. Water your seed with breath. Soak it with love. Cover your seed with love and grace.

Exhale into the earth. Feel yourself rooted, deeper than the trees. The grandmother trees in the forest stand tall and share their wisdom. They are unconditional in their abundance and offerings. Feel that kind of love and wisdom around you, infinite and unconditional. Allow grounded, rooted love to come into your heart. Bring that love to the seed you planted within.

Bring the light of grace to where you planted your seed. Draw the light in. Let the light come streaming down onto your seed of kindness.

Tend to your seed. Let kindness grow.

Nourish your seed. Let kindness spread.

Meditation is a wonderful way to nourish yourself, and you can try this delightful collection of short meditations for more nourishment. For more joy, creativity, inner peace, ease, and patience, nurture yourself with this free journey meditation.

Let me know the gift of your practice today? How were you nourished?

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