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Would You Start Your Day with Happiness and Kindness?

How did you start your day today?

Did you greet the morning with joy or curiosity? Did you wake up with a case of the grumps? You get to choose how to start your day. And the good news is, even if it isn’t morning, you can choose — right now — how you want your day to be. Shamanically we change the world by changing our perception of the world. Choose how you would like to show up.

All of life is about choosing frequency.

Every day you get a choice. Actually you get many choices. If your frequency gets low and you find yourself filled with jealousy, resentment, anxiety, unkind thoughts … you can choose a new frequency.

So what do you choose? Happiness? Kindness? Joy? Peace? Quiet? Strength? Grace? Courage? Love?

Choose the one that feels right for you in this moment. Choose a frequency that serves you and that you want to share into the world.

Breathe it in. Let it expand into the whole of your being.

Choose Love, Curiosity, Courage, and Kindness

I chose love today, and the color of love is purple. I choose to bring that purple energy in. (Check out other colors and frequencies of your body in this rainbow body meditation.)

I like to see the color to help me visualize my frequency and intention. I picture it like a drop of pigment in water expanding and coloring it all. My love frequency fills me. Then I let it ripple out into the world.

Related to love through your heart center is curiosity and courage. Curious has the same root as courage, cor–, meaning heart. Curiosity is the desire to know, to be inquisitive. Courage is to drake from one’s heart. How could curiosity serve you today? How could you be courageous?

Do you choose love?

Do you choose curiosity?

Do you choose courage?

One person with a positive thought or feeling, one person sending out a wave of love, is more powerful than 100 people with negative thoughts.

When we attend to our beauty and the beauty around us, our whole lives tend toward radiance. Choose beauty and joy and light. Step into the place where you’re ignited by the light of love, joy, peace, and possibility.

Start your day with kindness. Scatter kindness throughout the day. Poet Mary Oliver says:

All summations have a beginning, all effect has a

story, all kindness begins with the sown seed.

What seed did you sow today? What seed could you still sow?

In the same poem, Mary Oliver begins:

Meditation is old and honorable, so why should I

not sit, every morning of my life, on the hillside,

looking into the shining world?

Meditation has so many benefits. Try this Sacred Sunday meditation to help choose your frequency. See what changes through the one-time practice. And at the end of the meditation, note where you are. Then come back and try it again. And see how you are different the next time you come to the practice.

For more meditations on beauty, gratitude, choosing love, and choosing your frequency, check out this collection of short meditations. And if you want to keep choosing love, try this free journey meditation.

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