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Change the World with This One Step — Use the Shamanic Lens

We're working in the shamanic world and looking through the shamanic lens when we recognize that shifting our perception can change the world. As Wayne Dyer says, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

What would happen if you shifted your perspective? Can you imagine a different world? Imagination is the act of seeing new images….

You don’t have to imagine a new world. You don’t have to imagine the change you want to see. You just need to shift how you look at the world, how you see it.

Use the Shamanic Lens to Change the World

There are plenty of ways to change your perspective. From a very literal space, you can move your body to look at space differently. Imagine climbing a ladder and looking down on your neighborhood instead of seeing it at street level. You can shift your horizons to shift perspective, as we’ve done in meditation before.

Another shift might come from listening to somebody else’s experience or ideas. That might open up a perspective you never had before. Have you ever said, “I never thought of it that way”? There’s a shift in perspective right there.

You might do some mental shifting. That might start with noticing your thoughts. This is so hard. I’m so busy. I have to do it all myself. What if you shift that perception? What if you began with gratitude? Try it. See what else shifts.

Use Meditation to Change Your Perspective

One question I ask often in guided meditation is, “What’s shifted for you?” It’s important to check in with yourself when you begin, after, throughout. What has shifted for you? Answering this question shifts your perspective and helps you to receive and hard wire the shifts in your being.

Often when I guide people in meditations, we step out through the door in our heart into the field. Today in the field we take the wings first of hummingbird and then of eagle. We feel deeply our connection with the natural world, and we take on two perspectives.

I could describe hummingbird, wings beating fast, beauty darting about, sipping sweet nectar. I could tell you about eagle’s effortless flight, floating on the thermal energy of the air rising off the earth, soaring high, high above. Maybe you can picture that, but I want you to be the hummingbird, be the eagle. See through their lens, from their perspective. I want you to bring that new perspective to your life. I guide you through these new perspectives in Sacred Sunday meditation.

Meditation can bring you into the sacred. A regular practice helps you remember to connect to the sacred. That’s why I show up every week for Sacred Sunday. Why do you show up? If it’s not part of your practice yet, why not try it as a way to shift perspective, a way to change your world?

Send me a NOTE of what’s working for you; what keeps you from your cushion?

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