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Chakra Clearing and Balancing Is Like a Phone operating system Update for Your Energetic Body

Do you ever pick up your phone in the morning and see that your phone got an update overnight? When was the last time you updated your personal operating system (your energy body)?

We all need to update our systems. We need to clear out old junk and apps that no longer work. We need to debug and optimize. We need new features that help us work more efficiently and effectively.

It’s time for an update to your energetic body.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing for Your Energetic Body

When we sleep deeply we help our chakras clear and reset. Spending time in nature — a walk in the woods, standing on the beach, swimming in a pond, watching the sunrise — also helps us balance our chakras. Those are two things you can do right now, and any time any where.

What else can you do?

You have a rainbow of light within you. Your chakras cover the spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Chakra clearing and balancing meditations can help to connect to your rainbow body.

You can also give each chakra its due. Start to understand each of the seven chakras, the energy centers that connect the energetic to the physical, and the 8th- and 9th that bring you from the energetic/spirit/quantum to matter/physical.

We are actually four parts: body, mind, soul/spirit, and energy. We hear about body, mind and soul often. Energy, however, gets overlooked, even though we are mostly energy. Here’s the thing: we can’t fix problems at the level they are created. We need to move up a level. So while we often tend to our physical bodies, and even our mind/thoughts/feelings, we need to give a lot more attention to our energetic body.

You can work with your chakras to upgrade your system. When your chakras are clear, you can achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual/soul health and balance.

If you’re ready (you are!), the Chakra Masterclass is ready for you. Tend to each of your chakras with healing journeys and practices to upgrade and restore balance, and receive wisdom and mantras to support the healing and upgrade of each chakra.

Your phone gets an upgrade monthly. You deserve the same. Tend to your energetic body and see the results cascade down through your soul/spirit, mind, and body. Don’t put off this upgrade. Start today and start seeing results.

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