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Are You Ready to Walk the Path of Your Inner Truth Today?

Being human is a gift, such a rare occurrence. So today, I encourage you to invite the gift of humanity, which allows us to use our consciousness to share peace or love or joy. It allows us to reach for a thought that connects us to grace.

“You could have been an ant. I could have been an ant-eater. You could have been rain. I could have been a lick of salt. But we were blessed—in this time, in this place—to be human beings, alive in rare ways we often take for granted.”

—Mark Nepo

What are you taking for granted? Can you open to your own rareness as a human today? Can you find and follow your own inner truth? Can you find the ways we are all linked?

Seek the Path of Your Truth

The word saint is linked to the Sanskrit word sat, which means truth seeker. Each of us, in our own way, is a truth seeker. We are all looking for our own path.

Imagine walking out the front door of your heart into a field. (Maybe you’ve been to this field with me before.)

Go on a little journey to find the path to your own inner truth. What opens before you as you face the east? Is it a well-trodden path, to this place each day of new beginnings? You have an opportunity to choose a thought or a feeling or a vibration. How does the path of possibility and choice open before you?

3 Things to Try If Your Path Is a Struggle

In this Sacred Sunday meditation, I walk you out into the field and onto your path. What if you find your path is overgrown? What if you can’t find your way?

  1. Invite opening. Set that intention. Breathe into your heart and find the truth of who you are. Once you’ve done this, look out several feet in front of you, towards the horizon of your path. Is it more open now that you’ve set an intention to see it and walk it? Give yourself permission to walk on the path of your truth. What is your truth and how does it show up?

  2. Let spirits clear the pathway. You know beavers can cut down giant trees and pull them out of the way? Animal spirits of all kinds can clear obstacles and open the path of your truth. Ask, and you shall receive, help.

  3. Clear your energy. Put one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly or solar plexus. Feel the energy of your purpose, the energy of your path, in your belly and love in your heart. Give yourself permission to choose love or peace or gratitude or compassion. Give yourself permission to choose love instead of fear. If you are worried or concerned, inhale through your heart, and exhale letting the feelings clear down through your earth/lower chakras. Give your worry and fear to the earth. Give it away with a sigh-full exhale.

Connect Through Your Path

As your path opens before you, realize that all the paths of humanity are interconnected. They are linked through the heart of our experiences and linked to the truth of our common, connected spirit.

As you travel your path and see the intersections, you may notice your path opening a little

wider before you. You may feel the stream of light and the energy of the horizon. Let the light rush in. Let the beauty seep in.

As you find the wisdom of your own truth, lean into your becoming. Gather up the truth, that knowing, that conscious choice. Bring it into your heart.

How does the journey of this day change you? Has your path widened today? Have you invited a deepening connection to the truth of who you are? You have the opportunity to choose again and again: love or joy or peace or ease or grace over fear. Choose love and watch the fear and anxiety fade. I have made you a guide for your heart-focused journey.

Keep choosing your path. Keep opening yourself and your path. Keep walking your path, day after day.

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