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A Boundary Reset Would Feel So Good! Get Grounded with Andean Practices and Pranayama

How are your boundaries? Sometimes we don’t even think about them until somebody rushes our threshold unexpectedly. I recently had a wave of energy hit my heart hard. I needed to restore my boundaries. We offer an energetic boundary reset practice as a helpful recovery practice for these moments.

This process mixes Andean practices, pranayama (yoga breath work), and intention setting. If you’d like me to guide you through the practice, you can use this guided meditation: Resetting Boundaries.

Ground Like a Mountain

Start by getting grounded. Picture a mountain. Spread your base wide like a mountain. If standing, spread your feet a bit wider than hips distance. If you are sitting, grab each sitz bone one and a time and pull it out, kind of like a kickstand or legs of a stool, and widen your base to provide more support.

Close your eyes and go inside.

  • Inhale through your heart.

  • Exhale down your mountain into your roots.

  • Feel yourself grounded.

In Andean practice, your Inca seed, or the seed/seat

of the soul, is located just behind your heart. The essence of you is stored here. Pause and breathe into this space. Picture yourself sitting on the seat of your soul, the throne of who you are. You are grounded deeply in who you are.

Feel the energy in your Inca seed. Notice your own radiant inner light. Expand that light through your whole energy body.

Revisit the Boundary Breach

Imagine or remember a time when your boundaries were violated. Pay attention to what happens in your body when you bring your attention to this breach of boundaries. Remember that your energy body is the space arms distance all around you. What’s happening in your energy body? What’s happening in your field?

How is your energy? Look at the light energy (sami) and the heavy energy (hucha). Grab a journal if you'd like. Consider these questions without judgment:

  • Is there heaviness around you? If so, is it inside or outside of your field?

  • Are you attracting it from outside or are you generating it within?

  • Is there a place you didn’t say no or where you said yes and wished you had not?

These questions are offered to support you as you get ready to cleanse your field and reset your boundaries.

Cleanse Your Field

Think again of your boundary violation and the person who triggered it. Take your image of that person and their energy and put them in a bubble outside of you. When you do this you reclaim your own boundary, the boundary of your own frequency.

Check in. Is there any heavy energy that does not belong to you in your field? If so, put that in the bubble outside of you.

Now bring light energy down over your field. Let that light rain over and through your body while you do a few moments of breath of fire: Start by inhaling and exhaling completely. Then with a gentle inhale, bring your hands together in front of your heart. Place them just outside the seed of you. Begin Breath of Fire, continue for 30 seconds. Breath of Fire is a pulsing belly breath or a bellows breath. Focus on the exhale, allow the inhale to be passive as you release the belly. Allow and notice the warmth that grows in the belly, as if you are stoking a fire.

When you’ve finished, draw your energy up through your central channel. Send it up to the top of the mountain, the sun and the Sami/light. Let that energy come down again over your whole field. Invite and allow this energy shower to clear anything and everything.

Clear all attachments you have to any/the person who pushed across your boundaries, clear attachments to the situation. Release the attachment. Then send the light energy/sami to the person/situation out in the bubble where you put them. Feel the energy nourishing you and share that nourishment unconditionally.

Feel the space of being clear. Feel the space of you grounded and secure. Feel the top of your own mountain and your connection to the divine.

You can use this practice to reset anytime your boundaries have been crossed.

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