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Full Moon Ceremony- Dive Deep

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


This morning, on the day of the Full Moon, and partial Lunar Eclipse

So set an intention for yourself in this moment to connect with your own heart. Would you check in with the waters of your body.... before you even begin the meditation offered below? .... when you close your eyes right now (after you read this sentence:) ... are the waters of your body/mind still? Rippling? are your waters rockin and rollin?

And when you have connected to the waters of your body ... and if you would like to experience a five minute guided meditation (in it's raw, unedited form:) click on the photo of the roses. Drop into your heart with your breath. Receive the Gift for this Tuesday. It is a moment to be with yourSelf and your intentions for this time.


And be on the lookout for some guided meditations coming before Solstice, as well as a collection of Meditations for Mesa Carriers. There! I am putting it out there as my intention. What are you longing to share and simply not getting it done?

  • BREATHE. Lay your hands on your heart and breathe into that space and then breathe out. Start to follow your breath and observe your breath in and out of your heart space. Really see in your heart for a little bit. Give yourself the gift of six slow inhales and slow exhales every day in and out of your heart.

  • For a Guided journey - CLICK on the Photo

  • The more we experience places of timelessness, the more time we have in our day.

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