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New Moon and Transitions

Rumi - The Guest House, from mattiedotdk on Etsy

This morning I was speaking with a client and she shared a question with me, She was wondering if “this is the moment when the foundation is rooting itself” ?? -- and I thought: What a wonderful vision!

Spring is a time when we "take root" -- that which we have buried in the Fall (bulbs of tulips) BLOOMS! and now at the New Moon we again plant what we want to grow in this season. And while I keep hearing "this is a powerful time" -- or a "very potent moon" -- I find myself both knowing this is true and acknowledging that perhaps all of life is Potent, when we engage with the world and our purpose in this way. And sometimes, as our world expands (as we do in spring-- BLOOM!), we may also contract. It is important to remember that this is part of a natural cycle. We contract so we can expand. We gather our energy and Burst into a new place.

Here is the parable I want to offer—

I don’t know if you have ever had the privilege of being at a birth, your's or another — (a vaginal birth ) ...

Right before the baby actually arrives in the light — before the body/baby is ready to push — is a place called “transition” -

In this moment, many women feel like they can’t go any longer, they have a big meltdown/cry, they are exhausted and want to “give up” -

sometimes they simply want to die (or kill their husbands/father of babe for impregnating them :)


and then poof!! BABY — and all the possibility and miracles that new life brings.

Before we expand —and especially as we are expanding bigger and brighter —

we often contract. It’s ayni — light and dark — balancing and moving — make friends with these places.

Life is magical — let it go into the canvas of your being — it is what brings art alive !

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