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Healing the Healer

So here is the story:

Last week, a photo of a little kitty being put up for adoption showed up in my “feed” — and when I saw her I thought/felt: “OH…. she ought to come live with me….right away!” My family has been asking for a cat since our last one passed a few years ago (she was 18:)… and the purrr and the little blackness of the kitty and the white star on her chest…. so cute…. she’s for me, I thought.

I spoke to my family, who sweetly reminded me of a seeming cat allergy I had. “Remember how sniffly you were? remember your eyes itching?…” I didn’t want to remember. Or believe. So I asked: Is it really so different now? "Night and Day." they said. HRMPH.

Now I need to give you a little context. I have had cats since I was 16…. and I did not have allergies to them for much of the ensuing 35+ years. And yet, if I am honest, it was true that in the last 10 years or so being around cats was a noticeable problem for me. The “allergy” had continued even after our last cat passed a few years ago. Up until now, when I went and visited other places with cats…. especially if I touched the cat and then touched my face: sneezing, itchy weepy eyes, did I say sneezy, a little bit of misery? And I wanted this cat. Really.

Once upon a time, someone told me animal allergies (cats especially) are often tied to some trauma; so I went to talk with someone who could “ask my body” if I actually had a cat allergy, or if it was something else. Now the thing is, that the body, our bodies, cannot lie. And also, when we are attached we are not the best at being neutral on our own behalf. I have heard, and I do teach, that a practitioner who works on themselves has an unrealistic client. So I asked a neutral person. And she asked my body….. and my body said it could heal from this “allergy” — with external support. The practitioner wasn’t so sure. And I was sure. And I let her do her thing of asking and then I asked Spirit/her measuring device: Can we heal this now? today? (I really wanted the kitty:) — YES!! said my body and her machine. So she got out her pendulum and we got to work….

At the end of 45 minutes my body said "all clear”. I was given homework to carry some rocks in my pockets for a week to support the change (happy to do the work to support the change, and it’s not unusual for me to have rocks in my pockets as healing allies anyway). How would I know it worked? My left logical brain wasn’t convinced. Trusting that all would be well — I arranged a sleepover at a friend’s house; she has a lovely little house with two indoor kitties. And she has lived in the house for 6 years with originally 4 indoor kitties (his and hers) and now two. I slept in the upstairs with the cats, on a futon that the cats call home in the afternoons. I pet cats, sat with cats, sat on her bed where the kitties sleep every night. I didn’t wash my hands. I did touch my face. And I didn’t sneeze. My eyes did not water. I didn’t get itchy. I am healed - free of allergy.

I called to report to my family. It really did/does feel like a miracle. "How did you do that exactly?" they wanted to know. We pulled some cards, I said, and listened for the “once upon a time story from the cards, and there was some pendulum-use to clear…. "Ok… well that is amazing," they said. They have lived my sneezy-runny-nose, itchy can't rest allergies. At some level, I knew the moment something shifted in the office last Friday, and yet my logical self was skeptical. Prove it! she said to me. My family doubted. And part of me wanted proof. Now I have proof. My logical left-brain set up an experiment: if you are allergen free, you can sleep over a cat house “allergy free”.

Hypothesis tested. Hypothesis proven.

And yes! even though I do this for others, I am still surprised.

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