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Happy Earth Day

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Happy Earth Day – April 22nd is the 50th anniversary of what has become a global celebration of living on Earth. We are Earthlings. And this pause, this reset, is creating the clear skies and clean waters that have long been envisioned with these Earth Day celebrations.

And this year, Earth day falls on a very auspicious New Moon. The New Moon is always a time to set intentions/plant seeds for the coming cycle.

During this time, I have chosen to begin every day sharing a morning practice LIVE from my back porch. I began this offering after successfully moving a planned Spring Equinox Mesa Gathering to an on-line format. People loved it so much, that I was convinced it was a gift. I have committed to continue Morning Practice (Connecting to Love while Distancing) through May 4TH, for now. Everything these days seems to be “for now”. In these morning practices, we explore the quantum field, the places of potential and connecting or re-connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sun. We connect to our hearts, and the heart of the Earth, to our potential and the potential of the quantum field.

And as the 22nd is also the New Moon, I am curious what your intentions are, “for now”? I have been “erasing” my plans from the calendar for the spring. Today our Massachusetts Governor announced that schools will remain closed for the balance of the school year. Necessary change to clear the skies, the waters, life.

Yesterday I received a translation of a Rilke poem from a friend and their generosity and the beauty of the poem prompted a big cry. I am sad. I am a person who likes to be busy, to be of service, to connect to people. Of course there is plenty of clearing out to do in our home, and I am being of service every day with Live Morning Practice/Meditations. And this is all new. All the time. I have long said/taught that letting go, is the way home. The way back into the stillness. The place where the miracle is the ordinary not the exceptional. As the universe is facilitating letting go of so much these days, sometimes this letting go must be as simple as an exhale. Are you exhaling? Tomorrow on Earth day plant seeds literally – connect to your own future by planting food or flowers to nourish you in the future.

In the shamanic tradition, we are informed by our future. Perhaps what is happening now is preparing us for the necessary cooperation and living in harmony as earthlings and one people. Connected in the quantum field in a frequency of Love.

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