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Aprils Full Moon - Connecting and Creating

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Wow! here we are again.

Today is the FULL MOON.

As you all know, the energy of the Full Moon creates a strong pull on tides, and times and energy. And now there is this place and space of “pause/reset/distance”, or creating anew…. and the moon is pulling too. What are you creating in this space? Remember that creating space to rest and be in the unknown is a form of creation too.

I send LOVE and wishes that you are all well, healing, resting, connecting inwardly and with the earth even as we “distance” from outer human connections.

This is an inspiring time for really asking for what you want and then taking action on your commitments. Even small actions and baby steps will be acknowledged by spirit and supported by your allies. If not now, when?

NEW - Thursday Circle begins April 16th: Journeys/Sharing/teachings (see Below)

As has been my practice, tonite I will light a Full Moon Fire to honor this time of release – if were to join me at the fire – I would invite you to put a stick in the fire with anything you want to release and honor at this time. It is a potent time of metamorphosis and renewal. Of course you can energetically send your “stick” to my fire from wherever you are, and/or go outside and stand under the light of the full moon and speak your releasing wishes to grandmother moon, who will pull these prayers away from you with east, just as she pulls on the great ocean tides.

The “theme” for this month is “Creating the New” and the first week of the month has been a time for releasing. Goodness knows, it’s all new. The world is entering it’s own place of reboot of the “global operating system". We can only hope that as a humanity we will take the many blessings and teachings and release all that has been too heavy a load on the system to continue to carry.

So on this Full Moon, put anything in the fire that needs to be released: anything that keeps you from your personal possibilities and potential…. from living your purpose from wherever you are right now. I will light a fire here in Lexington this evening (you are welcome to come by, please call to schedule so that “distancing” is maintained :) I may stream it for a few minutes…. I will at least post a little video. Personally, I am experiencing some “computer/screen-time fatigue”.

  • If you are looking for some support, I am here for you; call/email for a session.

  • I am opening a weekly circle beginning next Thursday, April 16th at 10:30am to support Heart-Centered connecting and (shamanic) practice as we walk through this unprecedented time. Please email me if you would like to join the circle.

I am wishing you all wellness, and joy, Peace and curiosity. Curiosity comes from the heart…. as does courage — and so take a breath — IN and out of your heart…..

be in the WONDER of it all….. it is a gift after all …

with love,

and reverence- -Julie


NEW – Thursday Circle (morning/evening depending on interest) an interactive group (on Zoom) with teachings, journeys, and opportunity for coaching/sharing/connecting. ZOOM LINK:

  • Meeting ID: 363 349 651 Password: 123456

Venmo: @JulieHannonShaman Zelle: 6175490439

PayPal: $18, $11, $8 requested/ayni exchange. Come and connect with the allyu.


LOOKING to CONNECT in Community?

Thursday Circle begins 16th of April on ZOOM next week to connect and share, journeys, teachings, - please REPLY if you are interested in this subscription.

Offering Support & Connection during distancing:


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