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TimeShifting Mastery
for the 21st century

Mastering Time in the NOW

October 19-23, 2021

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Join Julie Hannon in this Mastery class- TimeShifting in the EveryWhen


Come together in-person with your tribe to explore TIME & Master Sacred time 

for restoration, connection, heart opening, creativity, learning, dancing,

fire ceremony, and dreaming.

Our Sacred Time gathering will create space to work at the archetypical level,

thru and beyond our individual stories, into timelessness  


A very sacred and Magical space for our learnings as explorers and/or practitioners for energy healing, visioning, and creating the world outside of time.  Mesa Carriers trained as practitioners are invited.


Are You Ready To:

  • Give yourself permission to Exhale, to step out of time and into the Infinite? 

  • Install resources in your own life and timeline to support you in reaching your destiny?

  • Connect to the Full Moon energy and the Orionids Meteor shower to support your Dreams & Intentions to Live into your truest potential and possibility? Remove obstacles which keep us from our infinite and timeless nature? 

  • Let go of those things that we need to unwind and the ways in which we are held by time, entering a timeless place where we can together consciously dream a new world into being

  • Learn new maps and pathways for self-healing and/or working with "difficult" cases?

  • Build a new mesa to sourced from and connect to the stars, from your destiny, to thrive in the Age of Aquarius?

Register now to Join Experienced Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher Julie Hannon 

We have much to explore — the class will take us through the wheel - and into our dreamlife to explore our relationships with TIME where are there are no clocks only infinity to orient us to source and re-source our destinies.  We work with the collective - and expand our medicine into the archetypical realms building a mesa/altar to hold and empower the archetypical and the infinite.


The class is is new each time - as the Archetypes so deeply inform the fabric of the class.  One of the last “ times” I shared these teachings - DURING class (after we did a big collective piece) the WORLD ATOMIC clock was reset by one second (something that had not happened ever).


Deepen your mythic mapping skills and sit in circle with other Full Mesa carriers looking to expand their medicine. 

Limited to 10 participants as we are come together at a private retreat center to:

  • Revisit the Wheel - and create a new Altar/Mesa for the NOW

  • Unwind from places you are caught in Time

  • Learn updated Destiny retrieval & Clearing practices

  • tap into frequencies that will nourish you NOW

  • Work with Collective dreams & their wisdom

  • Bring difficult cases for tracking 



Testimonials from previous participants:


This class is such a terrific opportunity to come together with other medicine men and women to honor and let go of those things that we need to unwind and the ways in which we are held by time, entering a timeless place where we can together consciously dream a new world into being. The Mastery of Time gathering this year really created space to hold this work, allowing us to work at the archetypical level, thru and beyond our individual stories.      ~Ann J, HR Exec, growing shaman

Mastery of Time is so Amazing!  I found nectar and inspiration; our work and the journeys and case studies deepened my relationship with my self, the world, and spirit. I am amazed with your knowledge and ability to link things together and lift them to the higher perspective. The land and being out in nature was deeply nourishing to the work.         Rose, D.O. 

Mastering Time  Space is VERY Limited  

October 19-23, 2021

Begin Tuesday @4:00p, end Saturday at 1:00p

$2088 all inclusive, double-occupancy**

Time Mastery in the 21st Century

October 19-23

VENMO JulieHannonShaman $555 to save your spot   REGISTER NOW 

*please reach out for payment options*

We will be meeting at the UPLANDS CENTER in Walton, NY - (easy travel with nearby airports if necessary

Enjoy the beauty of upstate New York Fall Foliage as we explore time on a new horizon and way of being.

Join us for luxury in a private retreat setting.

Delicious nourisment awaits.

Join us for this once in a lifetime moment.  



Testimonail for the teachings/teacher

.... worth any amount of quarantine time!!  Communion on every level - enpowerment in sacred service.  Passionate is truly the word, .....  Julie I adore you! you posess and embody such a beautfiul harmony -- integrity, genuineness stand rght alongside accessibility and earthiness   I feel totally supported and empowered with you.                                Juliet, Vedic Earth Medicine

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2020 Sedona and Grand Canyon - 186
Image by Nathan Dumlao
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