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Clear Water Lake

Receiving & Resetting
Your GIFT to Source
from Greatness

Journey to Inner Peace - Fight/Flight Reset, Gifts from Earth

Journey to Inner Peace - Fight/Flight Reset, Gifts from Earth

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Thank you! for saying YES to living life in Love and Ease, and to Source from your Greatness.

To get the most out of your guided journey:

  • Be somewhere you can lay down, and if possible, cover your eyes

  • Bring a sacred object- a stone, a crystal, something from an altar. 

  • Have a journal/paper and drawing implements nearby.

  • The journey is 11 minutes.  Set aside 15-20 minutes total to include a few minutes of integration/journaling.

Journal Prompts - after the journey:

  • What gift/message did you receive from Mother Earth?

  • What encouragement have you received?  

  • How do you feel now? write: "I feel..... I feel..... " with all the feelings that are there now.  What has shifted for you?

  • Move some color on a page to capture the feelings/frequency of where you are now.  What do you see/feel in the color? 

  • When you connect to your heart now (at the end of the Journey):

    • What is your intuitive intention now?