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CHAKRA Master Class

Welcome to the Chakra Master Class

Reminders to make the most of your journeys: 

  • Watch the WELCOME to Your Chakra Series to begin.

  • Build from the "bottom up" -- Start with your roots -- the 1st Chakra/Energy Center and move up the chakras in numerical order.

  • Remember to stay hydrated as you go through these workshops.  You will be clearing lots and it helps to keep the energy moving to flush the physical system too.

  • Learn to work with your Chakras/energy centers to thrive in all areas of your life:  physical, mental & emotional, in the place of your soul's calling/purpose and the energetic.

  • Revisit and/or repeat each/all for healing, clearing or seasonal "maintenance"

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1st Chakra

1st Chakra

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“the Chakra class is like going to a spa for the soul; you don't realize how much you need it until you've done it.  The weekly practice of grounding, organizing, nourishment carries me through work, life, & family with ease..”

Anne S., potter, mother, purpose-seeker

“Sometimes I feel a weight lifted, or something I feel really has shifted. These workshops really help me step out of my busy-ness and 'too much to do' and reconnect to my north star.”

- Amit Ray

Continue your Journey

"For years I committed to exercise classes — from kickboxing to spinning to Pilates to Yoga. Julie leads a 75-minute circle every Thursday that is like a weekly exercise class, with the promise of strengthening your heart and soul.   ~Mia Moran 


Looking for your tribe?  Join seekers from all over the world, from wherever you are, for Sacred Circle.

Thursdays 12:00pm –1:15pm EST

“Thursday Sacred Circle is the most important 75 minutes of my week.  I am so grateful to have this place to check-in and grow - exploring new maps and new possibilities.”

J. (artist, mother, Federal Judge)

Reviews from Our Community

“ I am learning to get through all these layers so I can receive more.  This is a good place to take risks to open my heart (chakra) -- where before I have had fear of receiving."

- Esther, Founding Member

What brings me here - is to have this space of timelessness, to see what comes up, to let everything settle... It’s always a surprise and that’s why I love the journeys as well because they are always a gift."

- Marianna

“ What shifted within me? Everything, I think.

I can’t describe my feelings, other than the presence of pure light.

- DJ

Join Sacred Circle Today!

Find Sanctuary Right Where You Are.  No matter what is happening in the world around us, we can reign the chaos into calm, the anxiety into joy, and the fear into love. 

Join me weekly for Sacred "lunch" of nourishing the soul: a magical 75-minute virtual experience that’s designed to respond to the now.

Sign-up and experience the magic for the next 4 weeks.


Want a weekly sacred transformation for life of joy and love? Join me and a group of fellow magic makers from all over the world for 75-minutes each week where

I’ll hold space for you to find out what’s possible. Each week we journey, heal, rest, receive.


Designed to develop your intuition, to practice soulful exploration, in addition to focusing on the NOW, and practicing being present.

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