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Reset your Fight/Flight
Receive & Reset
a GIFT for a Season of EASE

Fight or Flight Reset GIFT
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Thank you! for saying YES to this RESET

To get the most out of your guided journey:

  • Be somewhere you can lay down, and if possible, cover your eyes 

  • The journey is less than 15 minutes.  Set aside 15-20 minutes total to include a few minutes of integration/journaling.

  • Have a journal/paper and drawing implements nearby. Check out the Journal prompts below.

How did it go? 

Happy to Hear from you with reflections/ahas/questions.

Want to go deeper? 

Check out the CHAKRA Master Class

and take the whole journey of healing through each Chakra.

This Journey is your GIFT - return here as often as you wish, and again and again, so you and your body remembers what it is to be held in and informed by love and safety, ease and abundance.  When we are in coherence we create coherence in the world around us.

Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving ~Thank You!

Optional Journal Prompts 

Before beginning - write three words of where you are as you begin.


After the reset:

  • What has changed for you after this reset?  

  • How do you feel now? write: "I feel..... I feel..... " with all the feelings that are there now.  What has shifted for you?

  • Did you receive a message from a cat?  How will the message support you?

  • How have you settled your body? Have you come home to your heart?

  • Did you receive a message from a cat? now (at the end of the Journey)

  • Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving ~Thank You!


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Chakra Master Class

When was the last time you updated your energy body?  Want to learn more about your chakras? Feel clearer, have more energy, and get centered?  Sign-up today/Learn more.


Weekly Circle Membership

Come LIVE or Join Weekly Circle to retreat from wherever you are and experience the Sacred.  Watch how the synchronicities unfold and sit with your tribe.  Sign up now/Learn more.

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Learn More/Let's Chat

Do you know there is more in life ? are you ready to experience more magic and beauty, ease and grace than you thought possible?  Book a time to chat.

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