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Who are you really? You are not your stories, you are not your past. You are Love, pure and simple. And you can only see what you believe.


I see your potential, your beauty, your possibility. I will hold this vision for you and invite you to live in the happiness that is your birthright. Now.  In the present. Finding peace, joy, and wellness amidst the chaos, the turmoil of the world now. Be informed by your future, your potential, instead of being constrained by the past.


Dissolve anything that stands in the way of a  unshakable knowing that we are, indeed, in love – that love is all that is and we are it. Rumi tells us:  “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Together we will clear any barriers.


I see you.  Let’s create greater abundance, health, ease and success in your life now. I’ve worked with people all over the world.  I’ve trained thousands of students in applying ancient shamanic wisdom to modern day life/learning.  Book a private session, subscribe to SacredCircle for a weekly mini-Retreat, or enroll in a Medicine Wheel: step in and answer the call with wisdom teachings, shamanic  journeys and rites and initiations.  

Now is the perfect time!


Have you been looking for a Sacred Soul Circle?

Consistent sacred space to experience healing, empowerment, and growing magic. No matter what is happening in the world around us, we can reign the chaos into calm, the anxiety into joy, and the fear into love. ​ 


Join Julie for sacred "lunch hour"; a magical soul-nourishing experience that's designed to respond to the now. All levels welcome - whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner -- step in and grow, and heal and restore.

the Medicine Wheel,
Chakra Balancing, & Private work

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21st Century Medicine Wheel - Ancient teachings for modern day.  - Join us in New Jersey next year!

The Medicine Wheel is a compass and a map to lead a person or a village into utter renewal. — it offers healing, empowerment, and self-realization.

It is the indigenous alchemy that moves us to live in our potential. It roots sec  in our humble bone and flesh human nature while awakening our godly essence."

LEARN MORE - place your DEPOSIT to SAVE your SPOT »  step in March 2024

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CHAKRAS & the Rainbow Body - OnDemand Full Course

Many traditions have long recognized the complex system of subtle energy centers in the human body called Chakras, which is Sanskrit for "wheel" or "circle." Vedic, Taoism, shaminism and Buddhism are among these traditions.

Learn to cultivate and clear the power of the chakra system with wsidom, guided journeys and meditations. Explore the physical and mental health benefits of developing the nine chakras, including chakra balancing, removing blockages, harnessing positive energy, and more.     


Rebalance & Clear your Chakras and upgrade your life.

Work with me privately

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Are you called to step into something bigger? Perhaps even beyond your imagination?

I work with people in-person, and virtually to facilitate greater ease, joy, wellness and return to Love. We can work in a series of private sessions; or I have a few spots each year for in-depth private/personal retreat to focus on you over several days to make a personal transformation. Working in-person or remotely, I use both ancient and contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, rebalancing/resetting your energy, creating and restoring health allowing you to realize your dreams. 





Are you a shamanic practitioner or graduate of the Light Body School and in need of some professional coaching or guidance?   As a long term healing practitioner and 20+ years as a an executive coach, mentorship is a great adjunct to your work and development as a healing arts practitioner.




Journey with Julie

Meditation means to know oneself.  And Meditation is the result of practice. Like any form of “exercise” — spiritual exercise and practice is more fun when shared. Join Julie in these guided meditation/journeys. LEARN MORE about Journeying

Join Julie as she guides you in practices to connect to LOVE and create an intention. Download a CD/Playlist (it’s on iTunes or Spotify) for a Breath of Fire practice with meditations for Water, and Stars, and Mountains.  

Subscribe to Julie’s YouTube channel for weekly guided practices to tune your week to the Sacred.

Want to go deeper?  Purchase a Journey Toolkit and learn

3 Simple Steps to Deepen your Journey today. 

or get your Chakra class NOW

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