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~ Pachamama Shaman School ~
Medicine Wheel WORKSHOPS/Trainings

A Shamanic Journey to your Center;

12 Days to an Awakened Life

Transformation & Healing 
A Journey in Four Parts
Medicine Wheel

Embark on a journey of self healing and remembrance.

  • Are you looking for greater Ease, Joy and Clarity in your life?

  • Do you have a longing for more?

  • Are you seeking a different path or a way to expand your path?

Experience a deeply transformational journey of an ancient Medicine path woven with wisdom of the Ancients and modern shamanism.

Join our growing community of Shamanic Medicine Wheel  students!  

The Experience:
  • Four weekends of deep, spiritual exploration in a loving, supportive space. 
  • Four weekends of reconnecting to lost and hidden pieces of yourself. 
  • Four weekends of sinking deeply into the beauty of the beings and lessons of your life. 
  • Four weekends of settling into your truth, and embracing your worthiness.
Life.  Changing.  
Can you see yourself in this circle?
Step In. Your place is waiting. Claim your Seat.

From a recent Participant/Hostess:

"I've been a therapist for thirty five years. During that time I've been to a zillion 

trainings and, at this point in my career, it takes a lot for a training or a trainer 

to impress me. It takes even more for me to invite someone into my community to 

offer a training for my closest friends and colleagues. Julie Hannon is magic. 

You'll want to attend every program she offers  ... and you'll want to share her. "  


        ~ Tricia Bennett, APA Board Certified Addiction and Trauma Therapist

Wheel Begins- 2024-S. Orange, NY
South  January 11 - 14
West  February 29
- March 3
North  May 30 - June 2, 2024
East  September 12 - 15, 2024

Lexington, MA
East/Part 4-February 8-11, 2024

 non-refundable deposit- Claim your Seat
$5555* for the entire journey

*PIF early by 12/2/23 save $750 

Interested in hosting a Wheel in your community- Contact Julie
Completed Wheels
the Moon Lodge, Hawthorne Farm, USA 
Martha's Vineyard, MA ~ Shelter Island, NY ~
Concord, NH 
Ottowa, Ontario, CANADA ~
Outer Banks, NC USA 

Belgium ~ East Hampton, NY - Lexington, MA

Medicine Wheel
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