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Deepening Magic
Advanced Workshop

October or November 2023
with Julie Hannon

Deepening your Medicine
in Every Aspect of your Life
Take your life and your work in the world to the next level
Be part of changing the world

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What students are saying:

This class is worth any amount of quarantine time!!  Communion on every level - enpowerment in sacred service.  Passionate is truly the word, my heart is alive and activated to be of deeper service in my medicine.  Now I feel like a drop in the river of life and my desire and willingness are to joyfully and fearlessly contribute to that flow.  Julie I adore you! you posess and embody such a beautfiul harmony -- integrity, genuineness stand rght alongside accessibility and earthiness   I feel totally supported and empowered with you.           Juliet, Vedic Earth Medicine   

Thank you for helping me Re-member who I am, and who I am Becoming.

This is the medicine I longed for— and long for…

Such a blessing, such a gift, to share this journey.              ~Stephanie F, yogi/shaman

This time together was incredibly supportive, perceptions opened, I found nectar and inspiration; our work and the journeys and case studies deepened my relationship with my self, the world, and spirit. I am amazed with your knowledge and ability to link things together and lift them to the higher perspective. The food and being at the ocean was deeply nourishing to the work.      

  Rose, D.O.

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