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~ Pachamama Shaman School ~
Medicine Wheel WORKSHOPS/Trainings

A Shamanic Journey to your Center;

12 Days to an Awakened Life
Transformation & Healing 
A Journey in Four Parts
Medicine Wheel

Embark on a journey of self healing and remembrance.

Experience a deeply transformational journey of an ancient Medicine path woven with wisdom of the Ancients and modern shamanism.

Are you looking for greater Ease, Joy and Clarity in your life? Do you have a longing for more? Are you seeking a different path or a way to expand your path?

Join our growing community of Shamanic Medicine Wheel  students!  

ths Experience:
Four weekends of deep, spiritual exploration in a loving, supportive space. 
Four weekends of reconnecting to lost and hidden pieces of yourself. 
Four weekends of sinking deeply into the beauty of the beings and lessons of your life. 
Four weekends of settling into your truth, and embracing your worthiness.
Life.  Changing.  
Can you see yourself in this circle?
Step In. Your place is waiting. Register Now.


From a recent Participant//Hostess:

"I've been a therapist for thirty five years. During that time I've been to a zillion 

trainings and, at this point in my career, it takes a lot for a training or a trainer 

to impress me. It takes even more for me to invite someone into my community to 

offer a training for my closest friends and colleagues. Julie Hannon is magic. 

You'll want to attend every program she offers  ... and you'll want to share her. "  


        ~ Tricia Bennett, APA Board Certified Addiction and Trauma Therapist

Join the Wheel Beginning in April 2024

Step In. Your place is waiting.

Part 1 April 18-21, 2024;

Part 2 -June 6-9, 2024

Part 3 September 12-15, 2024:
Part 4 November 7-10, 2024

South Orange, NJ

Join the Wheel April 2024
Save your Seat with a Deposit

$4444 for the whole journey
PIF in January and save $555!
contact Julie to host a Wheel
in your community

Completed Wheels
the Moon Lodge, Medfield, MA, USA
Martha's Vineyard, MA  ~ Shelter Island, NY  ~ Concord, NH
Ottowa, Ontario, CANADA ~ Outer Banks, NC USA,
Brugges, Belgium

Lexington, MA
Medicine Wheel
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