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Healing the Womb of the Goddess

Summits and Podcasts

Overcoming Energy Leaks -

Medicine Wheel 2024

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Join for June make the journey around the medicine wheel.

Spirit calls us when it is time to evolve and shed our worn out skin. To guide us in answer this calling, the indigenous wisdom that sees life as a continual cycle of death and rebirth, between energy and matter, is the alchemy, nectar and salve for our navigating in the 21st century (if you are called, say yes! 

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3rd Annual GLOBAL Mesa Gathering & Equinox VIGIL Fire

We're being called to create new maps with consciousness and love, to be of service to our Pachamama and the Cosmos. As a MESA CARRIER, you are deeply connected to the Hampe Munay (healing Love) that fills your personal healing bundle and connects you to the stone altars across time. ANSWER THIS CALL to sit with your tribe (allyu) and learn, play, and dream in a very sacred land in the lower Catskills, NY.  Bring yourself and your mesa to a Private Retreat to Rest and Renew.  SAVE your SPOT today SPACE is LIMITED.

LEARN MORE - place your DEPOSIT to SAVE your SPOT »  MARCH 17-20, 2022

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