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Reclaiming your Goddess Webinar
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Ceremonies connect us. This guided journey/webinar invites reconnection and

integration of our inner Goddess. 


Reconnection to all that is and honoring and celebrating changes brings us to new possibilities, abundance, and allows us to be in or return to alignment with our Essence. 


Join me for the LIVE Webinar to Reclaim your Goddess

  • Learn and experience a heart clearing practice that opens you to your Goddess.

  • Clear any heart-centered obstacles to make way for your Goddess

  • Make a guided Journey to a Sacred Temple to meet/visit with your Inner Goddess

Register NOW  OR

VIP Summit Registration

Energy knows no boundaries and as a result sessions can be done on the telephone just as easily as if we are in person.

To call for an in-person or telephone session, please phone the office at 617-549-0439. 


contact Julie to learn more or book a session

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