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4th Annual Gathering
Medicine for the Mesa Carriers 


Be with your Allyu ! InPerson! 

Equinox Ceremonies, Celebrations & Wisdom Teachings 


 On the Maine coast a Mesa-Centric coming together again to play, learn and grow, connecting in the Mysticism of the Andes here in North America.

Join 4th Annual Medicine for Mesa Mysticism
March 17-20
this year by the Sea ~ Wells, ME

Come Together with Your Tribe to:

  • Be with your TRIBE - Celebrate LIFE

  • Plant seeds of intention for our earth in a Global Fire Ceremony for the Spring Equinox

  • Learn from Wisdom Keepers who have been walking with their Mesa Medicine for decades.

  • Nourish yourself by the ocean, update your Mesa, Remember

We're being called to create new maps with consciousness and love, to be of service to our Pachamama and the Cosmos. As a MESA CARRIER, you are deeply connected to the Hampe Munay (healing Love) that fills your personal healing bundle and connects you to the stone altars across time. ANSWER THIS CALL to sit with your tribe (allyu) and learn, play, and dream on the Northeaster Shore of the US on the Equinox.

Days Will Include:

  • Morning Practice and Movement

  • Journeys and Ceremonies for healing and service

  • Connection with the granite ledge of the north east through our mesa's wisdom with Ceremonies & Celebrations for the Earth and her Elements

  • Spring Equinox Ceremony and fire vigil, planting seeds of our intentions to grow and heal 

  • More MAGIC than you can IMAGINE! Because when we bring our hearts and our Mesas together portals are opened and the mystical makes itself felt and present


YES! We are coming together ~
a Gathering of Mesa Carriers to share

our Wisdom, our Altars, our connection 

We are EXCITED to Welcome you to our private Retreat

in a beautiful private home on the Maine Coast


Limited to 16 Participants. 


Share our weekend in the mystic $1188* includes daily lunch & Dinners, all teachings, and ceremonies.

* includes lunches/dinners *excludes breakfast/lodging

contact Julie if you need a payment plan


"I came feeling not particularly connected to my mesa (not problematic) and now have an awareness of the mystery and magic of the mesa!"

- Anne (Connecticut)

there's a feeling of refreshment &
nourishment of being in community & talking to 
like-minded people & having the opportunity to share that in-person so very nourishing... I feel like I had good protein and vegetables from a spiritual perspective ...
I definitely feel like in the mesa work that we were doing there were things that definitely shifted...and tonight at equinox more magic possibly still to be revealed
I’m excited!

~Lois, artist/Ceramist

"I felt connected to the medicine when I arrived and received a deepening, widening and enriching of the shamans web.... so good to be with soul sisters and brothers and grounded on the earth."

- Susan


Here's a sample of what will be in a day:

Opening Ceremonies with our Mesa/Misha

We are stewards of our living mesas. Connect our personal healing altars to ancient granite that is the bedrock of the northEast.

  • Morning meditation Daily 

  • Woven within this synergy of cloth and stone are the energetics of the Kawsay Pacha, our living energy universe. Experience this and our interconnections.

  • Healing ceremonies & Exploration of wisdom teachings

Celebrate Spring Equinox
with Mamma Cocha -  the Ocean/Flowers


Together we will participate in the honoring and healing of humanity, connecting to Mother Earth and the Cosmos by creating new connections and maps of different planes and worlds


  • Connecting to the ocean of consciousness at the Ocean - remembering we are a drop and the ocean

  • We will travel the maps of new dimensions and planes, creating a trail for others.

  • We will offer healing and illumination for all of Creation.

  • We will have deepened our skills as explorers and map makers

photo 2.JPG

Global Vigil Fire
Celebrate Spring Equinox

Working in circle with shaman from around the world brings a rich fullness of differing ideas and insights. It brings us back to our personal work and our understanding that as we shift, heal, and grow, we are part of the emerging awareness on Earth.

This Equinox Global Vigil Fire will have pairs of tenders:


  • Each person has time as the key tender and sets the tone and the work of the Fire.

  • Through the night different shaman tend the Fire.

  • Continue the work through dreamtime, or find yourself called  to the fire in the night.

Ceremonies for the Earth

Using our Power to be of Service  

Using our Co-creating Power and Mesa gifts we will come together in tribes to make offerings to the Earth and Water, Air and Spirit.

Rose petals copy.jpg


PAY in FULL before Valentine's Day

& Receive a Card Reading

$1188* includes lunches/dinners

*excludes breakfast/lodging

What Others Are Saying...


“a joy-filled gathering!! experience the magic that lives in your MESA. Bring the Living Energy (causay/sami) into being."

~Anne D, visual artist & shamanic practitioner


(I loved...) Being with other mesa carriers, face-to-face - receiving messages — getting on an accelerated highway to living authentically, connected to joy & Love 



  I am filled with so much gratitude for your medicine and the beautiful deepening and nurturing retreat you created and invited us all to join, Thank you thank you thank you ))))))) Profoundly grounding, expansive and quieting, my soul seeds are fully honed by the fire, wind, water and earth and are ready to germinate in this spring energy. 

~Bridghe, shaman, permaculture steward


I am drawn to the way you hold space and trust. It is so wonderful to be in the company of people who want to and feel called to work with their medicine in this time, for this time.

~Valerie, story teller, shaman


“Julie is an incredible Shaman and an exquisite teacher.​”

– Alberto Villoldo, PhD, founder The Four Winds/Lightbody School ​


About Julie

Julie Hannon, your hostess, has studied the Medicine of the Americas for more than twenty years and is celebrating the gifts of walking this path by calling this Mesa Carrier Gathering - of Visionaries and WisdomKeepers.  Her work in Peru with the shaman of the mountains and high plains/Titicaca and the alchemists of these medicine ways, has taught her the practice/s of the healing power of Love (Munay) and connection. 


In her work as a healer and teacher and mentor (former Senior Faculty for the Four Winds Society/Healing the Light Body),  Julie is passionate about connecting with people and helping each and every one discover their own special strengths and gifts. She works with people and communities to remove barriers to Love. She is inviting our Tribe of Mesa Carriers to come together to use our Power to be of Service to Pachamama.

Answer the Call today.

About Jim Dewell

Author, Of Integration and Understanding the Journey.  A native of Southern California, Jim, a carrier of the ancient medicine bundle, is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Human Biology, and of The George Washington University School of Medicine. Jim is also a graduate and former senior faculty member of the Four Winds Society and Healing the Light Body School of Energy Medicine.

Over the past two decades Jim and Julie have led expeditions to sacred sites of initiation held within the high mountains of Peru. Here in the Andes, they have held space for hundreds of explorers to experience spiritual awakenings and discover their spiritual path.

In this workshop Jim and Julie will hold space for each mesa carrier as they discover the healing songs and experience anew the energetic nature of their mesa. A mythical energy and force that is dynamic and unique for each individual.




Your price: $1188* includes lunches/dinners
*excludes breakfast/lodging


*Our location - a Private home on the BEACH*

Facing EAST - new visions - sunrise practice on the ocean beach
Be with the Equinox energy in the balance of light/dark


$555 deposit is NON-Refundable.
Have questions? - BOOK A CALL

- Amit Ray

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