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Shamanic Healing Circle
Shamanic Healing Circle

September 30
~Womb Initiation & 

the Rite of the Womb~for the healing & blessing of all ~6:00pm- Sept 30, 2022 -Sacred Soul Therapy, North Reading, MA

Step into Ceremony and Receive a Healing of the Womb Within 

Are You Ready To:

∗   Create change in your life and move beyond your story? 

∗   Release past stories/energies that drain you or keep you from your potential? 

∗   Bring healing to the your womb, the womb of your lineage, of the earth? 


Please join us for a beautiful ceremony honoring and

healing our wombs, as we gather on September 30th

to celebrate the mysteries of this time - Friday evening.

Deepen our connections to our inner knowing (intuition)

and to look within as we prepare to begin and create again.  

We will come together in circle to prepare and journey as we gather to receive this sacred Rite.  


The Rite of the Womb, comes from a Lineage of women through Andean jungle medicine, is the 13th rite of the Munay~Ki: The Rite of the Womb.  Julie received this Rite directly from Marcela Lobos, who “birthed the Rite.”  This Rite was gifted from a lineage of Women who have freed themselves from pain and suffering.  


Receiving the Rite of the Womb connects you to this Lineage of Wombkeepers who will:

  • guide you to free yourself from fear, pain, sorrow and

  • grow your medicine as creators, giving birth to all life. 

  • Many women manifest physical symptoms through unhealed pain and suffering that is carried in the womb.  Through a beautiful ceremony you will receive the Rite and be able to pass it on to others, your sisters, daughters, mothers, women you love, women in your community.  


All genders are welcome to join us for this ceremony; please wear a skirt or dress if it is comfortable for you. 

The ceremony is meant to be shared and passed on to others. It is a simple, beautiful ceremony that offers healing to the feminine in both men and women.

As we heal our own wombs, we also heal Mother Earth.  

Men (and others holding space) are welcome to bring drums



Womb Healing Initiation ~ September 30, 2022 ~ North Reading, MA

Questions?    contact Julie 

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