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Are you longing for change in your career, relationship, health, or well-being?   This work, whether privately or in our 4 part workshop, opens the door to more success, inner peace, more love and more happiness in your life:

Live the life your soul is craving. Now.

 I bring shamanic healing arts to modern living – using energy medicine to facilitate healing and reconnect you with your gifts and life purpose, so that you may experience the joy that is your birthright.  

  • Do you feel trapped, like you have no choice?
  • Do you feel disconnected to yourself and your life?
  • Do you have physical issues and health issues that are not getting better?

Join with me and hundreds of my clients and students in creating greater abundance, health, ease and success in your life by booking a personal session or stepping in to a deeper exploration by enrolling in a Medicine Wheel Workshop.

Julie Hannon, Shaman

Working in-person or remotely, I use both ancient and contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, rebalancing/resetting your energy, creating and restoring health allowing you to realize your dreams. 

Are you called to step into something bigger? Perhaps even beyond your imagination? Join us for a transformative journey around the Medicine Wheel.  Learn to navigate your life brilliantly and live into your magnificence with this four-course curriculum.  Perhaps a weekly ZOOM Retreat is more to your liking?  Check out SacredCircle.

or Join me on a spiritual journey to the source of these sacred teachings in Peru.. 

Ceremonies connect us. Reconnection to all that is, and honoring and celebrating changes brings us to new possibilities, abundance, and allows us to be in or return to alignment. 

shamanic space clearing

Give the gift of clearing the space where you live, work, and dream.   Bring clarity, love and joy into the space around you. For home, land or office.   ~~ Or perhaps create a blessing for your marriage, birth, or loss.


2021 MEDICINE WHEEL Teachings

12 Days to an Awakened Life -

a journey in four parts

Experience a deeply transformational journey onto an ancient Medicine path woven with 21st Century wisdom and claim your joy, power, and live your purpose  through the Medicine Wheel.

2022 join the Waitlist 5th Annual

Deepening Your Magic

Come Together to Deepen your Magic
in a private retreat
2022 Waitlist

Come together in-person with your tribe

for restoration, connection, heart opening, creativity, singing, dancing, fire ceremony, and just a bit of trauma recovery. We'll do all the things I love to facilitate at live workshops that we haven't been able to do on Zoom.  A very sacred and Magical space for deepening our learnings as explorers and/or practitioners for energy healing, visioning, and creating the world through ancient and modern healing ways.


Are You Ready To: 

  • Take advantage fo the New Moon to potentiate dreams & intentions? 

  • Create change in your life and/or practice and move into greater trust? 

  • Learn new maps and pathways for self-healing and/or working with "difficult" cases?

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