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Julie Hannon, Shamanic Healer

Who are you really?

You are not your stories, you are not your past. You are LOVE, pure and simple. And you can only see what you believe.

Let’s create greater abundance, health, ease and success in your life now.


Journey with Julie. Meditation means to know oneself.  And Meditation is the result of practice. Like any form of “exercise” — spiritual exercise and practice is more fun when shared.


I see you.

I see your potential, your beauty, your possibility. I will hold this vision for you and invite you to live in the happiness that is your birthright. Now. In the present. Finding peace, joy, and wellness amidst the chaos, the turmoil of the world now. Be informed by your future, your potential, instead of being constrained by the past.

Dissolve anything that stands in the way of a unshakable knowing that we are, indeed, in love – that love is all that is and we are it. Rumi tells us:  “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Together we will clear any barriers.

Explore how below

I work with clients in a few ways.

I’ve worked with people all over the world.  I’ve trained thousands of students in applying ancient shamanic wisdom to modern day life/learning. Step in and answer the call with personal journey and exploration. Now is the perfect time.


Sacred Circle Live
Weekly Journeys to recenter on the
path of love.

Connect to your soul weekly and thrive anytime. Weekly live journeys from the comfort of home or your desk at work.

Everyone needs to access the quiet and calm center — to get out of stress or access intuition. This weekly gift of soul-nourishment is your opportunity to focus, have a sacred "luncheon" or “weekly wisdom workout” with your soul, and a collective of other magical humans.

Join me and a group of fellow magic makers from all over the world for 60-minutes each week where I’ll hold space for you to find out what’s possible. Each week we journey, heal, rest, receive. Designed to develop your intuition, to practice soulful exploration, in addition to our focus on the NOW.


Advanced Magic
Live Retreat for Those on the Shamanic Path

Each fall, we host our ADVANCED WORKSHOP into the Mystic.

Come together in-person with your tribe for learning, connection, heart-opening, creativity, growing your medicine, fire ceremony, and healing for the healers.

Explore realms of the field, infinite potentials, and expanded maps of creation.

A very sacred and Magical space for deepening our learnings as explorers and/or practitioners of energy healing, visioning, and creating the world through ancient and modern healing ways.

If you walk a shamanic path, are a medicine wheel "grad", or Four Winds Alumnus, THIS CLASS IF FOR YOU.

Private Sessions
Transform through personalized Shamanic healing sessions

Are you called to step into something bigger? Perhaps even beyond your imagination? I work with people in-person, and virtually to facilitate greater ease, joy, wellness and return to Love. We can work in a series of private sessions; or I have a few spots each year for in-depth private/personal retreat to focus on you over several days to make a personal transformation.

Working in-person or remotely, I use both ancient and contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, rebalancing/resetting your energy, creating and restoring health allowing you to realize your dreams.


21st Century Medicine Wheel
Ancient Teachings for Modern Day

Spend 12 days to an awakened life — a live retreat experience spread over 4 weekends.

The Medicine Wheel is Nature's Blueprint for healing: a compass and a map to lead a person or a village into utter renewal. it offers healing, empowerment, and self-realization.

Experience a deeply transformational journey of an ancient Medicine path woven with wisdom of the Ancients and modern shamanism.

Four weekends of deep, spiritual exploration in a loving, supportive space. Four weekends of reconnecting to lost and hidden pieces of yourself. Four weekends of sinking deeply into the beauty of the beings and lessons of your life. Four weekends of settling into your truth, and embracing your worthiness.


Spring Equinox for Mesa Carriers
In-Person Retreat for Those Who Carry a Mesa
Replenish, Renew, Reunite with your Tribe!


Pilgrimage to Peru
A 13-Day Exploration of the
Sacred Valley & Lake Titicaca 

April 2024 bright me back to the Valley/Lake for the first time since "Pandemic". This trip brings together like-hearted spiritual explorers in a spectacular exploration of the Sacred Valley and journey to the source of Humanity at the Sea at the Top of the World - Lake Titicaca.

Our trip includes exploration of sacred sites --and hidden beauty found in off-the-path places and connections/healing ceremonies with local shaman friends.

Explore the transformative energies of the power places and wisdom, we begin our journey in sacred round temples in the Valley, before heading to Machu Picchu,  and then returning to explore more deeply in the Sacred Valley of the Cusco region.

The Valley prepares us for our explorations of the high plateau and the mysteries of Lake Titicaca, Solar wisdom, and sacred doorways.


SoulWise Chakras
An onDemand 9-Module healing, balancing, and deepening Journey through your Chakras

Many traditions have long recognized the complex system of subtle energy centers in the human body called Chakras, which is Sanskrit for "wheel" or "circle." Vedic, Taoism, shaminism and Buddhism are among these traditions.

Learn to cultivate and clear the power of the chakra system with wisdom, guided journeys and meditations. Explore the physical and mental health benefits of developing the nine chakras, including chakra balancing, removing blockages, harnessing positive energy, and more.

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