the Shamanic Apprentice

Deepening Your Medicine

Join Julie Hannon for an Exploration and Deepening of  Your Practice


I am answering a call and an invitation to create a space for deepening our learnings as shamanic practitioners of ancient and modern healing ways.

Are You Ready To:

  • Create change in your practice and move into greater trust? 

  • Live into your truest potential and possibility and remove obstacles which keep you from your potential? 

  • Learn new maps and pathways for healing and working with "difficult" cases?

Apply now to Join Experienced Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher Julie Hannon 

We have much to learn and share; and coming together in community is one of the many ways we deepen our craft and discover the work of healing that is accessible NOW.  

Limited to 10 participants, this is a workshop to:

  • expand and advance your personal medicine,

  • deepen your relationship with the mesa/the lineage,

  • in 2019,  work with balancing masculine and feminine energies, and water element; and

  • learn some of the advanced practices of the Andes, and of this 21st century shaman.

You may consider it a class in “advanced shamanic practice” and I would call it "deepening the medicine of your heart."

Testimonials from previous participants:

Thank you for helping me Re-member who I am, and who I am Becoming.

This is the medicine I longed for— and long for…

Such a blessing, such a gift, to share this journey.              ~Stephanie F, shaman/yogi

This time together was incredibly supportive, perceptions opened, I found nectar and inspiration; our work and the journeys and case studies deepened my relationship with my self, the world, and spirit. I am amazed with your knowledge and ability to link things together and lift them to the higher perspective. The food and being at the ocean was deeply nourishing to the work.         Rose, D.O. & Shaman

Our work increased trust in Spirit’s guidance and sight and increased awareness and confidence in trusting and knowing and not-knowing.           Sheldon, MSW, LCSW, shamanic healing

It’s hard to put into words the feeling of complete fullness experienced from our time together. I feel centered, alive, peaceful and purposeful. Love it! You are a master oat teaching this practice. I feel honored to learn from you. You have a gift of putting into words and understanding the unseen world. Thank you Julie.                Anna C, Shaman, Sacred Ceramics

I am in process of making a deeper commitment to session work apropos of witnessing the creative, playful, courageous, compassionate, steadfast work we did together on the cases. AND relishing the newly remembered depth and breath of my soul, which was uncovered through the process you led. 

Heidi ~ Mover, Yogi, Explorer


Communion on every level - enpowerment in sacred service.  Passionate is truly the word, my heart is alive and activated to be of deeper service in my medicine.  Now I feel like a drop in the river of life and my desire and wilingness are to joyfully and fearlessly contribute to that flow.  Julie I adore you! you posess and embody such a beautfiul harmony -- integrity, genuineness stand rght alongside accessibility and earthienss.  I feel totally supported and empowered with you.           Juliet, Vedic Earth Medicine          

Join me!  This class fills quickly -


the Shamanic Apprentice - Deepening your Medicine

May 2020 (Cape Cod, MA, USA)


The Shamanic Apprentice – Deepening your Medicine

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