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What is Freelance? (or freedom and structure:)

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

It’s February! I cannot believe it. I took a week off writing to you (we all get so many emails!) – I felt like I didn’t know what to say… ever feel like that? Quiet? Unsure?

And lockdown continues. Travel abroad is a dream. I was on a call in a business group I am in, and I heard someone say: “…that is one of the gifts of being freelance – you can do whatever you want.” FREELANCE. I wrote it in big letters on my page. I circled it. I thought: Free-Lance…. What is freelance? I am familiar with the vernacular to be ‘freelance” – I was a freelance Human Resources Consultant for nearly 10 years. But the two-word gesture had my attention. Free to lance? Free to cut away?

I took down my 2020 wall calendar today. It was the first year I EVER bought a wipe-off/erasable wall calendar. Spirit has such a great sense of humor! My year-at-glance wall calendar was all about managing the plan: envisioning full workshops, keeping all the pieces clear, graduations, wedding, college departures. And I had a plan for the year… for high school graduations and my son’s musical tour of South Africa, for teaching in the US and abroad, for weddings and first-time-in-21-years-empty-nest. Pandemic came. I proudly used my erasable calendar to move many things from the spring to the summer, and then to the fall. Then I wiped off the whole thing. Free-Lance. All of it cut away.

I left the calendar hanging there, thinking I could use a permanent pen and overwrite the dates. This is 2021. It promises to be a whole new time. The Age of Aquarius full on! I read today about next week’s Lunar New year, as a chance to start again, to take our new year’s intentions and recommit. 2020 for me was about impermanence. The comment about being Freelance was intended to be encouraging my colleague to celebrate the FREEdom in FREElance. Free of commitments, free from being “owned” by a particular job. Free to lance – to cut away what no longer serves.

Creating anew in this age of Aquarius, ”the power is turning over to the individual, and giving the freedom for you to choose your own reality based on what aligns with your soul.” —(Adama Sesay, astrologer). Aquarius will rule 2021. February 2021 will have 7 planets i the sign of Acquarius. The last time this happened the Dark Ages ended and the renaisance (rebirth) began, the time of plagues ended and a spirt shift began.

I grew up listening to an album (yes vinyl!) called Free to Be, You and Me. I believed it. Freedom was a value in our house, we could do and be whatever and whomever we wanted. And I do value freedom, radical freedom according to my chart. Yet as I round the year toward my birthday this week, I realize I am ready for a little structure. And for now, I have to create that structure from the inside out. Practice. Returning to my heart.


Who are you now?

Return to your heart, it knows the way.

PS – February is my birthday month, and I have created something extra special as my birthday gift to you: a little Valentine journey toolkit to connect you to your heart, your practice, and of course LOVE. Watch for it in your inbox.

PPS – if you are ready to gather in person, email me and let me know! Spring Equinox is calling for fire and celebration and Magic.

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