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How to Open Your Heart Like a Rose: A Meditation

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

What do you think when I say the word heart? Do you think love? Red paper valentines? A mechanical pump sending blood through your body?

Do you know that your heart magnetizes experiences to you? Do you remember that the heart is seat of your soul?

Your heart sends out vibrations of gratitude and love and compassion. How can you reawaken your heart? How can you open it?

Hafiz asks:


did the rose

ever open its heart

and give to this world all of its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of light against its being,

otherwise we all remain too


Can you feel the encouragement of light in your life? It could be actual sunlight reminding you that day comes again, that spring will come again, that the earth will wake up again. It could be kindness around you. It could be kindness from within you.

Invite lightness in! Invite the press of the sun through the clouds. In Andean mysticism, the snow and the ice is the kiss of the sunlight, the crystals holding the frequency of the stars, the cosmos. So let each snowflake be a reminder to let light in and let your rose, your heart bloom.

Come bloom a rose in your heart: SacredSunday Meditation: Morning LOVE Practice. Feel love open you.

Feel the clarity of knowing that the rose simply is the rose. She becomes the rose with all of her

being and never wishes to be a daisy or tulip or a pine tree. She is simply rose in all her magic. Can you allow yourself to be yourself with all your being? Will you stop wishing to be something else? begin to feel your own magic?

Open your rose in your heart. See love in each eye.

Allow that light that's in you to radiate

out and reflect back at you. See that you are the beauty sitting inside the rose of your heart.

This week, walk into the beauty of the full moon. Let it help you release your light and show your light. Share the light of who you are and all that's possible when you stand in the glory of your center. Align your darkness with the light, and become full.

See and feel and notice the energy of love that is all around you. See and feel and notice the light that's ready to come bursting into and through you.

What color is your the rose of your heart light?

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