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How to Find Joy by Activating the Divine Feminine Within

I invite you to lean into your potential and seek joy. Sometimes we feel joy is inaccessible to us. It feels wildly out of reach or like something only available to others. Often when this happens, it’s an imbalance of our feminine and masculine energies.

The divine feminine is for all of us, no matter how you identify. We all have these two forces — masculine and feminine within us. We all need both forces activated and balanced.

Often when we struggle to find joy or compassion or peace, it’s a sign that our divine feminine is hiding. Our own masculine energy is dominating. You may see or feel this in yourself, n your family, or in your community. Our culture has a lot of places where the divine feminine has been lost or pushed into hiding. It’s time to activate the divine feminine and bring our energies into balance.

Masculine and Feminine Energy Brought to Light

So what do we mean when we say masculine and feminine energy? Let’s start there.

We associate the feminine with the moon and coolness, while we associate the masculine with the sun and warmth. When we celebrate the sunrise, we celebrate the warming, and solar energy. At the same time, we celebrate turning the earth’s face toward the sun, bringing the warming active energy to the day and receptive, loving feminine energy to life.

Nurturing our feminine energy means opening to compassion, joy, and our intuitive wisdom. Our masculine energy brings action, logic, and assertiveness. We often think of feminine energy as being and masculine energy as doing. We need both, and the good news is we all have both.

Masculine or feminine, male or female, we all get a little out of balance now and again.

Awakening the Divine Feminine Within

Do you allow yourself to feel the pull of the moon, of the tides, of the feminine within you? Do you let yourself open to make space and nurture that divine feminine energy?

Let’s activate the divine feminine of love, compassion, and nurturing today. Let’s awaken emotional bonding, empathy, and inner peace and calm.

Let’s start with a prayer for balancing and bringing that feminine power forward.

The divine feminine brings us peace and healing.

The divine feminine brings you peace and healing.

The divine feminine brings me, myself, and you, yourself, peace and healing.

Bring your palms in front of you in a joining of masculine and feminine energy, right palm to left palm. Let it be easy and effortless. Left and right come together. Feminine and masculine come together. Bow to the center, to the place of balance that is within you.

The Divine Feminine for All

Remember that the divine feminine is for all of us. It makes you powerful, no matter how you identify. We are often supressing our feminine energy, and we want to rise the gentleness and kindness that is feminine. We want to balance our energies.

When we bring our energies into balance, we find calm in the union. When individually and collectively, we reunite these subtle energies — masculine and feminine — within us, we transform the world and how we nourish ourselves and the people we love. We allow the inner marriage of our opposites to bring strength.

I invite you into the divine feminine. I invite you to wake up the heart of reality within everything, to activate that energy as an activation of healing, growth, and peace in your life. I invite you to stand in the fullness of Who You Are and remember all the colors of your life

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