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How the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Chakra Clearing Help You Balance

Bright light creates shadow, and shadow has a place. We are approaching the time of the lunar eclipse. A time when the moon moves into earth’s shadow. It is a time of shifting balance of light and dark. It’s a time to pay attention to your own balance, and the places you are out of balance will make themselves known to you.

How to Use the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse for Balance

At the new moon we set intentions. At the full moon, we are seeing those intentions peak or wrap up. It’s also the time to release what isn’t working or serving you any more. It’s time to let go of what you are done with or no longer need. We need the ending to make space for new beginnings.

The new moon at the beginning of November 2022 is the Beaver moon. This is an excellent time to ground in your senses and connect with nature. (There is always value in connecting with and sharing gratitude for nature and Mother Earth. You can use this time to deepen those connections.)

This full moon coincides with a lunar eclipse. Since the lunar eclipse is a time of shadow, shadows come to the forefront. We are more likely to see things that may have been hidden. This may be a time of transformation and change fueled by what we are now able to see.

Are you ready to move towards the challenge of standing in your own power with grace? Are you ready to claim your power and notice the powerful support all around you?

Give yourself the gift of focus and attention with this meditation for the full moon eclipse.

Chakra Clearing for More Balance

The lunar cycle will bring us to times of intention setting and completion. Our bodies and energy shift with the lunar cycle. Our energy may flow easily or sluggishly through different energy centers or chakras.

Clogged chakras or unbalanced chakras show up in many ways in our lives: lack of trust, hoarding, guilt, addictions, being judgmental, fear of rejection, lack of empathy, self-righteousness, trouble communicating, getting in the way of your own success, getting stuck in your head, and more.

You don’t have to be stuck there, though. When chakras are clear and balanced, so much is possible:

  • A sense of abundance

  • Creativeness

  • Confidence and respect

  • Giving and receiving love

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Deep connection to the divine

Take 10 minutes to clear your rainbow body with this chakra clearing meditation. Looking for a deeper understanding and way to work with your chakras? Stay tuned for my chakra class!

Step outside and bask in the light of the full moon. If you can, stand in the shadow of the eclipse. Connect with the bright and the shadow. Notice where you are balanced and not. Be ready to release. Be open to change. It’s coming!

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